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Encourage Ourselves

I like listen to fast song when my mind fall down.

I concern about the meaning of the song not the origin of song.

Like this song is from Thailand. Cambodian and Thai have had long history of conflict. I know but I don’t care, I like the meaning of the song. It encourages me; it gives me joy; it makes me fresh again.

Cambodian might scold me because I am fan of Thai song. Thai will laugh at me and at Cambodian. But what can I do? Am I wrong to like this song or that song?

Like I say above, I focus on the core of the song. If the song increases my mind strength and drags me out of sadness, I will be fan.

When I saw news about new Youtube policy, I wanted to call to North Korea to bomb the world.

My channel just reached 10,000 views they changed the policy. It was a shock for me. I really really wanted the world to be ended. I really really hated.

What I could not bear was the thief channels that stole stories book, they got more than 1000 subscribers and they could earn money by using our effort. This world was not unfair so it should not be alive, it should die. The world just helped the cheaters, the thieves and they let them live happily, it meant the world was bad and the bad should die.

If I had magic, I would destroy the world for sure. I would not allow the bad living happily on my tears.

Unsatisfied with Youtube and Gmail

Group of book publishers in Cambodia were unhappy with youtube and google-mail.

A lot of channels on youtube used pictures/stories/books without permission from the owners to upload on youtube and earn money.

When the owners made report to youtube, they already put ISBN but youtube asked for more evidences. Most of channels played trick by cut of Logo or some put the pictures inside the book to make a thumbnail or cover. The owners of books sent the photos of logo and pictures to youtube but they asked still for more evidences and it caused the owners to create youtube channel and made videos of whole of each book and uploaded then sent the links to youtube.

There was another problem. Most of owners of book used yahoo so they decided to create gmail for opening youtube channel. When made report, Youtube asked for verify and they sent but Youtube kept asking verify again and again.

The important case was youtube and google-mail did not close the channels that infringed copyrights but turned to suspend the real owners of the book. Moreover, they did not send message or gave reason why they did suspend the channels.

Yes, because the thief channels helped youtube and google to earn profit and the owners of book did not; what we did made youtube lost profit so they were not happy with the owners of book. And it should be one of reason they suspended the youtube channel of the owners of book. They wanted to warn that ‘don’t interfere in my money way’.

The owners of book in Cambodia thought like this because we could not understand and find why they suspended their accounts when they already gave justice by closing various of videos up to their report.

Youtube and google-mail should check their system and policies again. They said they were care much about copyrights so they should give action to prove their speech.

Youtube and google-mail had to give justice back the real owners of the work not to help the thief.

KPS in 2018 Celebration

I bet no one know what KPS stands for; only Cambodian does.

In Cambodia, there are new word born almost everyday like this KP. KPS is like acronym of Khmer Word.

KPS stands for Keng Pteas Saat. Keng is sleep. Pteas is house/home. Saat is pretty, beautiful, clear and clean. Keng Pteas Saat is sleep at home beautifully.. ha ha ha.. well, it interprets that ‘stay at home, no out’.

If someone asks, ‘Where do you go on weekends?’ The replied person, ‘KPS’ (I stay at home.)

Tomorrow is New Year day or 2018. My friends go to provinces and some go to abroad to enjoy new year and countdown. But I, I don’t want anyone to ask me where I go.. so I’d like to tell that :

“I KPS.”



My, related to Cambodia Book Fair

Picture from https://www.facebook.com/cambodiabookfair/photos/a.167221290143498.1073741827.167219190143708/707270072805281/?type=3&theater

Cambodia will launch 5th National Book Fair on December, 8 – 10 2017. The event will be organized at National Library of Cambodia located in Phnom Penh, near ministry of economic.

I am writer. I have prepared myself for this exhibition.

First, I wrote novel for teenager and gave to Nokor An publisher to publish the book. The story was about life of Khmer youth nowadays and their favorite communication online tool, facebook. Also, I included words that Khmer youth in present love to use. It was created by Khmer youth like new words, shortcut words, Khmer word mix with English etc.

Video from Nokor An Editons youtube channel

Second, I published books. I am working in book publisher named Hang Sor. This year, Hang Sor published 3 books to sell in the book fair. They were ‘Daughter of Garbage Seller’, ‘Sound of 3 Gun Shots at High School’ (both of them were fiction) and ‘Old and New Words, Style of Cambodian Youth’ (it is non-fiction, a compilation of words created by Khmer youth).

Video from សម្លេងធម្មយុត្តិខ្មែរ Facebook Page

Before the event, there were many promotion. It is marketing strategy. We have to make known to people about our books then we have chance to get customers in the event.

It is not free. We pay for 3 days event. So, we have to sell book to get money back. Yes, job related to book are not well paid. We cannot be rich by selling book but we love book and we want Cambodian children and people having good books to read that’s why we work hard even though we don’t get anything back.