My, related to Cambodia Book Fair

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Cambodia will launch 5th National Book Fair on December, 8 – 10 2017. The event will be organized at National Library of Cambodia located in Phnom Penh, near ministry of economic.

I am writer. I have prepared myself for this exhibition.

First, I wrote novel for teenager and gave to Nokor An publisher to publish the book. The story was about life of Khmer youth nowadays and their favorite communication online tool, facebook. Also, I included words that Khmer youth in present love to use. It was created by Khmer youth like new words, shortcut words, Khmer word mix with English etc.

Video from Nokor An Editons youtube channel

Second, I published books. I am working in book publisher named Hang Sor. This year, Hang Sor published 3 books to sell in the book fair. They were ‘Daughter of Garbage Seller’, ‘Sound of 3 Gun Shots at High School’ (both of them were fiction) and ‘Old and New Words, Style of Cambodian Youth’ (it is non-fiction, a compilation of words created by Khmer youth).

Video from សម្លេងធម្មយុត្តិខ្មែរ Facebook Page

Before the event, there were many promotion. It is marketing strategy. We have to make known to people about our books then we have chance to get customers in the event.

It is not free. We pay for 3 days event. So, we have to sell book to get money back. Yes, job related to book are not well paid. We cannot be rich by selling book but we love book and we want Cambodian children and people having good books to read that’s why we work hard even though we don’t get anything back.





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Today is first day of Water Festival in Cambodia. Most people go out but I stay at hone like every year.

I don’t like go to crowded place. I feel insecure and I am not well because among the people I cannot find air to breathe only smell of human.

KPS in khmer word ‘keng pteas saat’ means stay at home beautifully.

Anyone the same?

Lunch Today


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This day, I went to have lunch far away from my office. It was Pizza Company.

I had shrimp pasta.

It had source. I did not like source but the shrimp was my favorite.

I did not like noodle or anything similar to noodle, but doctor said I should have different kind besides of rice that’s why I decided to have pasta as my lunch.

About drink, I looked at the menu; I had almost of them but plum with soda was new to me so I ordered it. The drink was sweet and salt. Em, delicious!

Life is not about living and work but also relax. And eating is one of my relaxing method.

Father of Architecture Passed Away


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Mr. VANN Molyvann, well I should call him grand father because he aged equal my grand pa.

He was Khmer modern architect since king Sihanouk regime. He designed independent monument, stadium, universities, monarch’s palace in Siem Reap and other big national buildings.

He was named by people especially student of architect that ‘Father of Architecture’.

This morning, he passed away in a hospital in Siem Reap in age 91 years old. There was heavy rain since the news spread to the country. The rain started from about 10 AM till afternoon around 3 PM.

People in developed country might think it was nature but most of Cambodian people believed that the rain fell suddenly because it escorted good person to heaven.

I believe in that. A person does good thing, when she/he dies, the sky will be dim or there will be rain. If they do small good thing, the rain is little. If they do big good thing, the rain will be heavy. The more good the more rain.

Grand father VANN Molyvann had done a lot of good things for Cambodia and Cambodian that’s why the rain was heavily.

I don’t believe in people speech when they tell me that guy is bad or good. I trust only the nature especially rain when that person leaves this world. Anyone bad or good will be shown by the universe. If someone does bad thing, on the day they die, the sky will be hot. It is what I believe.

Fried Farm Crab


In Cambodia, there are many types of crabs. There is one type called farm crab. This kind of crab is small living in rice field.

Cambodian people love to eat farm crab. We can fry, grill or make it to pickled crab.

In this video, the food is called ‘fried farm crab’.

The ingredients:

  • farm crab
  • garlic
  • green garlic
  • salt
  • MSG
  • pepper
  • oil
  • Khmer fish sauce (fish sauce, lemon juice, sugar and water).

Try at home to see how beautiful taste of Khmer food.

Wrong Expect

When I was young, I lived happily.

I ever thought I was happy so if I grew up, happiness would grow up too.

What I had thought was not right. Since I grew up, I lived unhappily. Days by days, number of sadness increased and happiness ran away almost all.

I feel sorry. I hate the world for I think it had lied to me. If the world had head, I would throw stone to it.

Tuesday is My Unlucky Day


I want to avoid doing everything on Tuesday.

I don’t want to have meeting because I will be late or miss some document.

I don’t want to talk about business task because I will have head ache or feeling unwell then I talk nonsense.

I don’t want to have meal or party because I will cause a mess.

I don’t want to travel because I will be sick suddenly during traveling.

In conclusion, I want to sleep at home on Tuesday.