Fried Farm Crab


In Cambodia, there are many types of crabs. There is one type called farm crab. This kind of crab is small living in rice field.

Cambodian people love to eat farm crab. We can fry, grill or make it to pickled crab.

In this video, the food is called ‘fried farm crab’.

The ingredients:

  • farm crab
  • garlic
  • green garlic
  • salt
  • MSG
  • pepper
  • oil
  • Khmer fish sauce (fish sauce, lemon juice, sugar and water).

Try at home to see how beautiful taste of Khmer food.


Wrong Expect

When I was young, I lived happily.

I ever thought I was happy so if I grew up, happiness would grow up too.

What I had thought was not right. Since I grew up, I lived unhappily. Days by days, number of sadness increased and happiness ran away almost all.

I feel sorry. I hate the world for I think it had lied to me. If the world had head, I would throw stone to it.

Tuesday is My Unlucky Day


I want to avoid doing everything on Tuesday.

I don’t want to have meeting because I will be late or miss some document.

I don’t want to talk about business task because I will have head ache or feeling unwell then I talk nonsense.

I don’t want to have meal or party because I will cause a mess.

I don’t want to travel because I will be sick suddenly during traveling.

In conclusion, I want to sleep at home on Tuesday.

Lunch 3pm

I was not well and did not want to eat, but I had to eat in order to keep stomach in good health.

Yes, 3pm was not good time for lunch but it was better than escape.

Tuna sandwich and hot lemon tea were best choice.

Do you agree


There was one person telling me that:

Before, a person that was named ‘Hero’, he or she did great help to country and people. But at present, hero was a person who dared to criticize the society.

She added:

Before, hero was appointed by country leader. At present, hero was appointed by onliners.

Well, perhaps it was changed due to ERA.

Battambang, Old City

I ever stayed in Battambang about 2 weeks in year 1992 or 1993. When I visited the province in 2017, I felt missing the past.

Cambodia was under French colony so there were French style buildings : one was Central Market located in Phnom Penh city and Battambang Central Market.

The houses were familiar even though I could not recognize where I have played around at that year.

I walked along the street. The weather was hotter but I could feel cleaner wind than in Phnom Penh.

Houses in Battambang had two floors so it could let the wind coming into the city. I loved that.

I found a pagoda and I loved the art on gate and the giant sculptures. It was Khmer traditional art.

Even though, I cannot find old memory related to Battambang but I can feel happiness of that year inside my heart.


Sing Alone

I love singing Karaoke. I like to go to family karaoke.

The staffs at Karaoke recognized me because I was their regular customer. I went with my friend, sometimes with my colleague.

Few times, I went to sing alone. The staff was surprised and asked me:

‘You come alone?’

I replied:


‘You can sing alone?’ said the staff.

‘Why not?’ I laughed.

Generally, people that go to Karaoke, they go in pair or group; therefore, they are surprised to my alone visit.

I don’t care what they might think. I want to do what I want to.

Most women don’t like to do anything or go anywhere alone, but I like and I can. I can work in group and I can work alone. Of course, it is me.

So, if you see someone goes to sing Karaoke alone, don’t think much. They are person who can live alone.