I met with my friends. Of course, they were ladies. One, two, three persons.. they already married. Some had children.

Before, when we met, we talked about happy stories. We laughed. We smiled. We talked. We slept well. We usually called.

Present, we met. I sat and listened to all of them. They talked about cooking for husbands or for children. They said that they could not sleep well like before. They had to get up early. They could not leave home hours; they had to hurry to get home. They had to wait for their husbands till late nights. They had to bring children from school. They had to teach children. They had to feed children…

Many many.. they did many things that I could not remember all.

I felt sorry for them. They were not pretty like before. They were not elegant like before. Their figure was not good like before. They were changed.

I felt sorry for them and I felt proud of myself that chose to be alone. I was proud for myself.