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I have read articles about pretty and ugly buildings in the world. I thought I should inspire this topic to write on my blog and now I do.

There are 9 buildings in Phnom Penh that I think their design are not pretty.

1. Vattanac Building

In Khmer word, this building is called ‘weird universe’ but in my opinion it is ugly universe. The ugliest part of this building is the small port on the top; it is liked a peak of bird.

2. Himawari Hotel

It is good design but the color, it annoys me the most. It would be pretty if the designer did not put green in.

3. Vanda Institute

This building was designed with yellow color. The citizens, especially young people, call it ‘Poop in the middle of Phnom Penh’.

4. Asia Pacific Bank (APD Bank)

It is funny color building. I want to know who the designer is. At first, I thought it was kindergarten but it is bank.

5. La Varenne Hotel

This hotel is pretty design but it becomes strange when the window is blue sky color. One more thing, the shape of hotel is looked like a half of moon. It is not ugly but I think this hotel lacks something.

6. Rokku

It is Japanese restaurant. It becomes ugly because of the black color mix with glass. Don’t you think so?

7. Phnom Penh Daegu Gyeyong Buk Culture, Tourism & Trade Promotion Center (PGCT)

It looks ugly. I don’t like the design. Now it becomes messy with a lot of labels.

8. Naga World 2

I know that the designer used gold color to represent money/gold; it is the identification icon of Naga World. But I want to say honestly that it is not pretty.

9. First Investment Specialized Bank

It is bank but it is liked jail in my eyes.

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