I love singing Karaoke. I like to go to family karaoke.

The staffs at Karaoke recognized me because I was their regular customer. I went with my friend, sometimes with my colleague.

Few times, I went to sing alone. The staff was surprised and asked me:

‘You come alone?’

I replied:


‘You can sing alone?’ said the staff.

‘Why not?’ I laughed.

Generally, people that go to Karaoke, they go in pair or group; therefore, they are surprised to my alone visit.

I don’t care what they might think. I want to do what I want to.

Most women don’t like to do anything or go anywhere alone, but I like and I can. I can work in group and I can work alone. Of course, it is me.

So, if you see someone goes to sing Karaoke alone, don’t think much. They are person who can live alone.