Itchy Mouth

Taro in Khmer word mean trav.

Trav is considered as itchy fruit/vegetable. Khmer youth created new word.. if we say ‘go to eat trav’ mean we talk behind someone.

This word is popular in Cambodia.

So, Trav TV means itchy mouth show talking behind everything on the earth. Trav TV Show speaks in Khmer language and has English sub-title.


Live to eat

Life is not easy.

Sad is much more than happy.

When I am unhappy, only food can conform me and refresh my feeling. My new day starts when my tongue touches the food. It brings colors and energy to my life.

I love eating and I am happy to live to eat.

A Myst of Angkor Wat

It was my first try to upload translated video about Khmer folktales.

My English was not good. I was worried the viewers would not understand. I wanted to give up by my heart kept pushing me then I decided to translate creative story related to Angkor Wat and uploaded on dailymotion.

The story was not true. It was creative but we did not know the writer name or what year the story was produced.

I hoped that everyone would enjoy.

Life & Taste

I really like eating. It is great moment when I eat.

It does not matter what the origin of food is. I don’t mind whether it is Khmer, Asian or European food, it is enough if it is delicious.

People might compare person whom likes to eat to a pig. People might laugh at that person but I want to tell that pig never harm anyone and it never has idea to harm anyone too. Pig enjoy its life because it knows living.

If I could live my life as same as pig, I would be satisfied.

Turkish Bread in Cambodia

Once day, I visited my aunt house. She said she would buy me Turkish bread. I wondered what it was. When she brought to me, I was surprised. It was like hamburger; it had meat and vegetable inside.

At first, I thought it was created by Turkish and named it. But then I realized that it was Turkish bread called Kebab. It had one thing different. Original Kebab was made from lamb but Kebab for Cambodian was pork. Cambodian did not eat lamb.

Well, if you visit Cambodia, don’t forget taste Kebab Turkish-Khmer.

If your father and mother fell in the sea, who would you help first

I am writer. I like writing.

My story is not high standard like writing of developed country, but my spirit in writing is big and crystal clear.

I hope to produce Khmer modern writing that will be recognized all around the world.

Even I can speak and writing English but my story is not good enough. It is not good and sometimes it is hard to understand. Well, I don’t give up. I keep writing and I hope one day I will be able to write good story in English and Khmer literature will be famous.

I hate someone asks me question if. People usually asked me, ‘If your parents and your husband fell in the sea, who would you help first?’ Most people may answer, ‘I would help my parents.’ and some may answer, ‘I help my husband.’ I hated such question but I could not stop their mouth. I loved my parents and if I got married, I would love my husband too. They were important people in my life. It was hard to choose between them and I hate feeling that was forced to choose. I wanted to keep them beside me. That question made me upset and angry but I needed to give answer. It was not for them but it was for me. One day I found the answer by chance, ‘I could not help anyone because I did not know how to swim.’ I really did not know swimming. I never went near water especially big water. Yes, if they fell into the sea, how could I help them? I did not know swimming and I was afraid of water. Good answer. Then I found something about myself too. I could not carry my mother nor father. I was weak lady. So, if I knew how to swim, still I could not lift them from the water. Good supported sentence.

I don’t like anyone asking question if to me. But thank to such people.. they made me find a topic for writing.

At first, I put title ‘The Question If’ but then I changed to above title. Arnold Zable was Australian writer. He came to Cambodia and met with me then he helped me editing my stories.

He said he liked my story but I needed to improve because I wrote like academic student not creative writer.

I took his advice and I have written many stories in English. Moreover, I read a lot of English stories and noted how to write good story in English like native writer.

Enjoy my story.. sorry, my voice is not beautiful.


Russian Literature in Cambodia

After killing field, Cambodia was zero. All products were imported from Vietnam and Russia even book and animation.

Like other kids, I liked watching animation. At night, I stayed in front of TV. I remember my TV was black and white. I enjoyed so much with wolf and rabbit. I did not care what it was from, I just knew that I loved that animation.

There was another animation that I loved. It was thumbelina. I felt pity her when she was forced to marry with the frog. And I felt great about her when she helped the swallow.

As I began to know how to read, my family bought book for me and it was pinocchio. It was translated to Khmer language. I remember it called Boradino.

When I entered university, I learned using internet and I found that they were literature of Russia. Although, I did not care. My heart for them were still the same.

I love them.