Question HOW

I like to ask question ‘how’ to myself.

How can I smile?

Smiling is my priority method to make my life beautiful. When I am sad, I try to make myself smile. What I want is to smile from my bottom of heart, not just pretend, but how can I make it? Especially, now.. now.. when I am writing this article, how can I smile? How can I make myself smiling?

How can I sleep?

When sadness comes, happiness will run away. If I can’t smile, the next method is to sleep. But I cannot sleep when I am not happy. My brain will be nonstop working. A lot of images will come in and at least 5 hours to fall asleep.

So, how can I fall asleep fastly tonight? What is way?

How can I get rid of bad dream?

If I sleep at late night or I think a lot before I sleep, 90% I will have a bad dream.

I am not afraid of ghost. So it does not matter if I dream about ghost. I am not afraid of height, so I don’t mind if I dream I fall from a peak of mountain.

The most scary dream is water. Water is a scare thing and I usually dream about it when I am sad. I bet tonight I will dream about it.

How can I escape from such dream?

Oh Buddha, please help. Tonight, how can I make my mind happy? I don’t want to stay in such situation. I want a happy night to get a beautiful morning tomorrow. I don’t know how. Please tell me.