Cambodian Book Fair 2018

7th Cambodian Book Fair begins today.

I am one of the book seller. I rend a store in the event by sharing half with my friend.

This year, there are about 100 stores. First day, there are people coming. It is so crowded and noisy.

I got up in the early morning to organize the store. I carry books by myself. My waist got hurt. I sit from 7:30 till 18:00.

At noon time, it is so hot. In the evening, it has rain.

I am so tired. In the evening when I arrive home, I don’t eat meal. I just have few fruits then I try to listen to music to release all sadness and pain in and outside my body.

I meet a tired and sad day. I really want to get it out of my head. I want to stay in peace and I want to sleep in peace.

Let do it.. for tomorrow I have to fight again.


BL Chameleons

My friend is a fan of Addicted web series. She adores the two characters, Gu Hai and Bai Lu Yi.

She has followed up their works via social media.

When she met me, she told me about Gu Hai and Bai Lu Yi. She read book, she watched drama, she is a deep fan.

Not only the characters in book/drama, she is deep fan of the stars.

She just bought two babies chameleon and she named them, Johnny and Chu Chu.

She told me a lot about them but I did not remember.

Well, I am just interested in the chameleons. They are cute but I am scared to touch them, just took video of them was enough.

What should I do to protect my Copyrights?

Copyrights is hot issue in Cambodia. Story book, image, drawing, video are in risk. I had met such problem but my friends have met a lot. Now, I am so worried and I want to know how to protect my creation.

I am author. I have published books, both fiction and non fiction. The fiction books are story for kid, for adult and ghost story. There was one story for kid was upload on Youtube to earn money. No one helped me, I tried hard to learn how to report on Youtube then I made report. After that, the channel owner removed the video.

Next, I created video and put on my own Youtube channel. One day I found one Youtube channel re-upload one of my video. I needed to take action immediately. I put comment but the owner seemed not care. One week later, I decided to report and Youtube removed the video for me.

Another infringement happened. There was one Youtube channel used a picture in my video. I was so angry but I calmed down and sent comment to tell them to remove. Yes, they removed the video few days later.

I could not be in peace. I found, by chance, a facebook page stole video from my Youtube channel to re-upload on their page. It was my new mission. I had to learn how to report to facebook. It was hard mission because Youtube and facebook were two different sites. I spent 5 days to succeed; at last, the video was removed by facebook team.

I was so headache. What’s going on with the people? They wanted money, why they did not create their own, why they used other’s? If talking about star image, actor/actress did not mind to see their images appeared on social media, it did not cause much problem if they used star photo, but why they stole other’s video/creation to gain profit?

I was so worried and hopeless. Sometimes, I sat inside my room and tried to think to find the reason they did like this. I got only one reply, ‘It is because of money.’ They wanted to get money easily, no need to work hard, that’s why they stole from other.

It was called Modern Society or Developed Society. Everything was developed even thief.