Why strawberry

It should not be strawberry.

It should be blueberry or rush berry.

It should not be strawberry.

It should not be it.


If your father and mother fell in the sea, who would you help first


I am writer. I like writing.

My story is not high standard like writing of developed country, but my spirit in writing is big and crystal clear.

I hope to produce Khmer modern writing that will be recognized all around the world.

Even I can speak and writing English but my story is not good enough. It is not good and sometimes it is hard to understand. Well, I don’t give up. I keep writing and I hope one day I will be able to write good story in English and Khmer literature will be famous.

I hate someone asks me question if. People usually asked me, ‘If your parents and your husband fell in the sea, who would you help first?’ Most people may answer, ‘I would help my parents.’ and some may answer, ‘I help my husband.’ I hated such question but I could not stop their mouth. I loved my parents and if I got married, I would love my husband too. They were important people in my life. It was hard to choose between them and I hate feeling that was forced to choose. I wanted to keep them beside me. That question made me upset and angry but I needed to give answer. It was not for them but it was for me. One day I found the answer by chance, ‘I could not help anyone because I did not know how to swim.’ I really did not know swimming. I never went near water especially big water. Yes, if they fell into the sea, how could I help them? I did not know swimming and I was afraid of water. Good answer. Then I found something about myself too. I could not carry my mother nor father. I was weak lady. So, if I knew how to swim, still I could not lift them from the water. Good supported sentence.

I don’t like anyone asking question if to me. But thank to such people.. they made me find a topic for writing.

At first, I put title ‘The Question If’ but then I changed to above title. Arnold Zable was Australian writer. He came to Cambodia and met with me then he helped me editing my stories.

He said he liked my story but I needed to improve because I wrote like academic student not creative writer.

I took his advice and I have written many stories in English. Moreover, I read a lot of English stories and noted how to write good story in English like native writer.

Enjoy my story.. sorry, my voice is not beautiful.


Hen and Rabbit

It was my creative story.

In Cambodia, copyrights infringement was bigger and bigger especially book copyrights infringement.

I ever wrote in wordpress about Youtubers that used story/pictures of books, published in Cambodia, to upload on Youtube without asking permission from the owners. Some of them did not accept their faults. They said what they did was to share info/knowledge to people. It was reason I wrote story ‘Hen and Rabbit’.

In Khmer literature, rabbit was a sign of knowledge. It appeared in many stories. Most of its roles were a judge. But in my opinion, rabbit was an animal full of tricks. It thought it was cleverer than other animals so it liked to show off and it liked looking down on other animals. So I gave bad role to the rabbit.

It was like a war for Cambodian book publishers but everything would be fine soon. The book publishers reported to police and relevant institutes and they have started seeking the youtube channel owners and would bring them to court.

Justice stood on owners of the books.