My Idol did Racing

Pig is my animal idol. I love it because it is gentle and it never harms anyone.

I have visited Phnom Penh Safari twice.

On first time, I was told that the pig did not know anything yet so no pig show. When I visited second time, there was pig racing. I was glad to hear that. I did not wait, I rushed to visit the pig terrace. It was wonderful show for me. I enjoy the funny natural show. They were cute and they ran fast.

If I have chance, I want to see my idol show again.


Cambodian Youtubers Face with Law

There was one youtube channel named Natural Life TV showed about how to cook forest animal. This channel owned by a Cambodian couple. There were a lot of views.

The owners shared their videos on facebook and were criticized by Cambodian that they destroyed forest animals especially some of them were rare species.

The couple were called to meet with ministry in charged. They came out to apologize to the public about their show.

Actually, they did not mean to harm forest animals. They did not catch animals, they just bought dead forest animals from sellers and created cook show and upload on Youtube to earn money only.

Even though, the show showed action that affected on animal forest protection and prohibition, the ministry in charged asked them to sign letter promising that they would not make such show again.