Where does it go

I saw the plane by chance while I was standing in car park.

The sound of the plane was loud but not so loud.

I liked listening to the sound of airplane. It made me feel something but I did not know what that was.

Kids liked watching plane flying in the sky. It was great if I could sit with kids and watching the plane then shouted together, ‘Plane, plane…’


My first novel


Most of people love reading novel.

I entered writing industry since 2008, mayor in short story. Then my friend asked me to write novel and in 2017, my first novel published.

People might think as writer is so amazing but in fact, there are tears, anger and sadness.

People might think that I got a lot of payment but honestly, I cannot survive with writing, I have another job, translation.

All careers have their own difficulties.

If you want to become writer, you have to prepare yourself to receive problem especially sadness and anger. And please don’t expect money from writing, unless you are famous writer.

Encourage Ourselves

I like listen to fast song when my mind fall down.

I concern about the meaning of the song not the origin of song.

Like this song is from Thailand. Cambodian and Thai have had long history of conflict. I know but I don’t care, I like the meaning of the song. It encourages me; it gives me joy; it makes me fresh again.

Cambodian might scold me because I am fan of Thai song. Thai will laugh at me and at Cambodian. But what can I do? Am I wrong to like this song or that song?

Like I say above, I focus on the core of the song. If the song increases my mind strength and drags me out of sadness, I will be fan.

When I saw news about new Youtube policy, I wanted to call to North Korea to bomb the world.

My channel just reached 10,000 views they changed the policy. It was a shock for me. I really really wanted the world to be ended. I really really hated.

What I could not bear was the thief channels that stole stories book, they got more than 1000 subscribers and they could earn money by using our effort. This world was not unfair so it should not be alive, it should die. The world just helped the cheaters, the thieves and they let them live happily, it meant the world was bad and the bad should die.

If I had magic, I would destroy the world for sure. I would not allow the bad living happily on my tears.