Recommend Two Foods

I want to recommend two recipes of food in Phnom Penh.

First, tum yam noodle with seafood, you can find in Tea Pot restaurant.

Second, rice with tum yam chicken, you can find in Lucky Burger.

When you visit Phnom Penh, Cambodia, try it.

Complain about 2nd National Reading Day

People thought it was good to have event about reading/book. It was reason of the National Reading Day, but there were a lot of complaint from book sellers.

Most of book sellers said they paid for booth, 50$ (for one day). It was not expensive but they were unhappy because there were few visitors. They brought a log of books and sold less than 3 percents of the whole numbers. So, 50$ became big amount for them.

Moreover, the booth was bad. It was used by dirty cloth and not comfortable. It was careless.

It was hot season. The organizer should know so they should prepare fans for the sellers but they did not. The sellers had to stay under the heat.

In conclusion, they did not care about the sellers. They just collected money and left the sellers alone. Even thought, they were afraid to hear true comment; who said good about them, they would note down.

The sellers were so disappointed and angry. They said that the organizer should promote the event to attract the visitors and also they should take care of the sellers because they gave money to them not got the booth for free.

The sellers said they wasted much but they got nothing.

I also visited the event and I thought what the book sellers complain was right. The sellers told me that they felt that the event was made to get money and fame but not to encourage, promote and help reading and book publisher like they spoke.

The sellers expressed last words that if the organizer did not show care to sellers, they would not join in event next year.

2nd Cambodian National Reading Day

Tomorrow will be National Reading Day of Cambodia. It is second year.

The event is supported by ministry of Cambodian government, other institutes and relevant stakeholders.

2nd National Reading Day will be held in National Institute of Education, located at North-West of Independent Monument, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The event will start from 8am till 5pm, free enter.

Last time, I missed but this year, I will attend the event for sure. Why? Because my friends selling book there and they asked me to help them. 🙂

Phnom Penh’s vs Bangkok’s Cinema


I like watching in cinema.

I have been to cinema in Bangkok and also in Phnom Penh. There were things I liked and disliked in cinema of both countries.

Cinema in Phnom Penh

I liked because:

  1. it was clean.
  2. it had no smell.
  3. it was cool.

I didn’t like because:

  1. it was dark (they switched off all lights as the movie began).
  2. restroom was not clean 100%.

Cinema in Bangkok

I liked because:

  1. it was big.
  2. it was cool.
  3. it was clean.
  4. it had no smell.
  5. there was a small light (during the movie time).
  6. rest room was clean.

I didn’t like because:

  1. it had long advertisement.
  2. restroom was little bit far from the hall.

Even thought, I enjoyed the movie.

Lunch of Poor


I am a staff. I survive on salary, 200$ per month.

If there is one invitation, I will be poor about day 20th of the month. If there are two invitations, I will be poor from the middle of the month. If there are more than two, I will be poor for the whole month.

If I run out of money from pocket, I usually bring lunch from lunch, Like today’s.

Valentine Day Gift



Picture from

If you ask me, what flower would I give to my sweetheart on valentine day? I would respond that I would give him cactus flower.


I would tell him that my love for him was pretty and strong as the same as the cactus flower. No one could touch and break my love from him.

Hes he.. but I don’t have boyfriend.

Zhuhai’s Buffet



Lunar New Year 2017, I visited Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Macau and Hong Kong.

I could not say it was happy travel because it was short.




What I could remember was the taste of food in buffet restaurant in Zhuhai before I crossed border to visit Macau. It was the only place I had enough time to eat my favorite recipe.

If ask me what else I could remember from China trip, I may answer ‘the smell of cigarette.’ Every where, whether in Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Macau or Hong Kong, it was the smoke.. and I can say from my heart, I had difficult time for I could not breathe.

My Favorite Soup


I don’t like anything long so I don’t like noodle but instant noodle is OK.

I love instant noodle soup.

In this bowl, you can find yellow instant noodle, soup and pork meatball.

I like meatball made by beef, pork and fish. Just in case, I don’t want my mouth to have smell so pork meatball is the good choice.




It was my lunch this afternoon.

It was popular for old people in Cambodia. I did not like it when I was young. As I grew older, I found myself begin to like such menu.


Taste changes according to age.